Friday, September 06, 2013

New Lost Boys of Sudan portrait: Apajok

Did my first Lost Girl portrait. Here is an excerpt from her interview:

"There are Lost Girls here too, but people don’t hear about them because Sudanese culture. Guys are always want to be more known than the woman. We are fine because that’s what we’re used to.

The war start when I was 5. I mean, it had been going on before I was even born. When we run away from our village I was with my grandmother and my mom was away with my father because my father was sick and she had to take him to Kapoeta. When we ran away we didn’t have anybody. My older sister was 18 so that was good and my grandma was really old and she couldn’t go anywhere so we just left her in the building. We left her. It was really bad. We have seen a lot of bad stuff, a lot of killing, a lot of children being stolen away. Plus a lot of woman have children, but were not able to protect them because their husband have ran away or their husband are fighting.

So it’s bad. It still haunt us to today- we still dream about it we still have bad dreams. If we don’t pray before we go to bed, we will quick have a bad dream."

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